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sketch bar 300Fasten your seatbelts for fun in the sun! Sunset Bar & Grill is St. Maarten's most popular beach bar and it's easy to see why. We are right on a beautiful white sandy beach, but also right at the end of the runway of Princess Juliana International Airport.   

 abcnews logo v2Where else can you enjoy an ice cold beer as a huge KLM Jumbo Jet soars right over your head?

As a matter of fact, our location is so unique, if not to say sensational, that ABC Nightline just run a report on Sunset Bar & Grill!

Check out here what Canada's newspaper, the National Post has to say >>>

And here an article on Tripadvisor about 10 unique beaches >>>

And... there are so many more reasons to join the fun at Sunset Bar & Grill: The top-notch entertainment, tasty food and that relaxed Caribbean vibe.

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